That night the team of fighters celebrated a day well spent at a tiki bar on the beach. Neon glowing lights
surrounded the area as women all over the country gathered for drinks, chat and dance. The music echoed
throughout the night's air as constant chattering and laughing hummed in everyone's ear. The women had
shrugged off the contest, accepting the fact they won nothing but decided to enjoy themselves that night
with their men and friends. Guys like Goten and Kuririn both sat with their queen complimenting on how
beautiful they were and that they were still number one women in their book. "You were outrageous Bra !"
said Goten with a glass of daquiri in his hand and a necklace of flowers around his neck that Bra had given
him from her showcase. The women continued to wear what they wore on stage. Bra still looking sexy in
her cheetah printed bikini. Goten still in his black surf shorts and electric blue sunglasses on his
head. Everyone talked, laughed, ate and drank, enjoying every moment spent together. Trunks rambled on
about past events in his younger years at tiki bars with Gohan, Goten, Vegeta,and even Piccolo, and
Dende . They laughed and quawked on about their funny experiences and so on. Trunks still wore the
crown of colorful shells and flowers on his head, given to him from Usina. It was tilted to the side though in
a drunken state being that Trunks was a bit tipsy from the day and now ongoing night. Trunks felt things
couldnt get any better when suddenly, Pan made herself present next to him. He stopped his story, turned
his head to her and smiled as he then began to search for a seat, "Hey babes! Come have a seat, we're
just talking about some fond and hillarious memories of the past." and pulled up a stool from the bar,
gulped down his last bit of tequila and asked, "You want anything to drink babes?" the others felt a cold
vibe from Pan as they stared at her carefully, reading her thoughts like a book. She was still upset and Bra
slightly rolled her eyes.
"No I don't want anything to drink," replied Pan coldly, "No, I dont want to have a seat. No, I'm not having a
good time and do you know why Trunks?!"
Trunks frowned and was speechless and before he could even think of an answer, Pan replied, "Because I
just can't stand you sometimes! I saw you and Usina!" and Trunks rolled his eyes with an annoying grunt
but Pan continued, "What am I suppose to think of that? It was bad enough I didn't win but on top of that
you had to go embrace and lift her up. She was out there and you-"
"She won Pan!!" yelled Trunks with impatience and Pan just stood in scilence. "She's beautiful! She
deserved the title. She won and you didn't! Get over yourself!!"
The others along with Pan were stricken silent. Pan's eyes began to water as she took his new glass of
tequila and slammed it on the table, smashing into pieces and then replied with fire in her voice, "No
Trunks!! Get over YOURself!!!" and with that she stormed off crying.
Tequila has splashed all over the him from the unexpantant run in the the shot glass. They all stared at
Trunks amazed at what he had to say. Trunks looked at them all and frowned, "What?!" "It would have
helped to say something encouraging to her." whispered Bra shyly. "She needs to learn that sometimes
she can't win everything!" defended Trunks but Bulma quickly said after that, "It's not that Trunks. It's the
fact that you weren't behind her throughout it all."
Trunks wasn't understanding, "Why's everyone getting all upset? It was a stupid contest for crying out
"To you maybe," Bra piped in, "but to her it was a simple test to see how much you loved and supported
her and you failed miserably." and with that, one by one the others stood to go, leaving Trunks alone at the
bar. Trunks rolled his eyes and ordered another drink. He hung his head and ran his fingers threw his hair
and scratched behind his ears as he thought. Just as the bar tender handed him another shot, Trunks felt
the presence of another body sit by him. The voice was shockingly familiar as she asked the bar tender,
"Iced pina colada please?" Trunks glanced to his side and saw non other than Usina herself still dressed in
her ravishing bikini. She looked at him with a small smile and said, "Hey Trunks." Trunks gulped as she
was then given her drink. Not needing a greeting, Usina took her drink and took a small dainty sip and
stired it slowly with eyes still on him. "I saw that you were the life of the party not too long ago. What
happened?" she asked. "Oh," replied Trunks in a low voice, "uh..they had things that needed to get done
right quick. They should be back later on though." he added, hopeing that would give her a clue that now
wasn't the best time to talk. And Trunks took his new glass of tequila and swallowed it whole with one gulp.
Usina could see that he was tense, fustrated and ... well drunk. A mischievious smile came upon her face
and she placed her glass of pina colada down on the counter. "Trunks? Listen," and she placed a soft
gentle hand on his arm, "I think you're a wonderful, sweet, charming and not to mention...good looking
guy." She looked off to the side with a simple flirty smirk as she added, "I've got my hotel room to myself
tonight and I believe some company there would be much appreciated."
Trunks ordered another drink and asked with a bit of slur in his voice, "Appreciated?" and Usina moved in
slowly on him allowing her chest to touch his and tempt him to glanced down. Their nose now touching,
Usina wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked the back of head and neck slightly with the tip of her
nails as she whispered, "Very much, because this Caliente Island queen can get very lonly at times and I'm
sure you dont want me lonly now do you Trunks?"
Unable to control the temptation, Trunks's eyes wondered down then slowly travled back up to her neck
then lips. His eyes were heavy and half close from the numerous drinks and sudden seduction. His words
came out as slurred whispers, "Well now it would be ungentlemen like if I were to leave you to be ... lonly."
and she gave a small giggle and said in a soothing seductive voice, "So what are you going to do about it?"
and Trunks struggled for words, totally overcomed by this elegant woman who ran her thin fingers through
his hair and over his chin, "I'm going, buy you a drink?" and she laughed, "No silly, you're coming
with me tonight."
"I am?" he asked unable to think anymore. And she took him by the arm , placed his glass down and
replied, "Yes." as she dragged him away.
Pan stood there by a tree decorated with neon lights, her eyes smeared with mascara as tears continued
to fall. She watched as the two headed towards the hotel with tears in her eyes.


Trunks wondered around Usina's hotel room looking at her belongings such as her candles, pictures that
she had just gotten developed from her vacation here, scattered makeup, beaded necklaces she had won
and cigerettes which were all cluttered on the dresser. She had even managed to leave lipstick prints on the
mirror. On her bed sat an old teddy bear, heaps of clothes and more bead neacklaces. As Trunks
continued to look around, Usina was in the bathroom changing. He glanced down beside the bed and saw
her bedtime kitten faced slippers and frowned strangly at them. He began to fiddle with her perfumes on the
night table, opening each and taking a quick wift when she then emerged from the bathroom. With a small
glass bottle of Victoria's Secret's Angel perfume in his hand and the cap in the other,Trunks glanced at
Usina who was suddenly dressed in a satin red nightgown, wearing next to nothing. It was short, with
spegetti straps, laced near the cleavage and the back was bare and low. Distracted by her sudden
appearance, Trunks dropped the perfume only to then quickly pick it up before it spilt on the carpet. Usina
laughed lightly as she went over and took the bottle and cap from his hands and placed them back on the
night stand. "Don't worry, you smell just fine." she whispered and wrapped her arms around his waist and
moved in close for a kiss. Trunks tried to change the atmosphere by looking around and saying how lovly
her room was but she didn't care. "Shut up sweets." she replied with a laughter and pushed him on his
back in bed ontop of the clothes and beads. Trunks tried to get up but she slowly crawled ontop of him like
a prowling tiger. Trunks then felt no need to get up. Turned on by her ways, his hands floated slowly to her
thighs and up to her thin waist. The two began kissing slowly at first till Usina then added more fervor.
Trunks has stopped struggling and now instead was welcoming it all in. Suddenly, Trunks felt her hands
beginning to untie his board shorts and his eyes shot open but hers were still close as they continued to
kiss. With lips still locked, he reached for her hand and pulled it away but she insisted. She then pulled her
lips slowly away and whispered, "Relax." and then began to kiss his neck, chest and stomach. Trunks's
breathing was hard and a sudden rush of guilt and regret swept over him as he heard his board shorts being
unzipped and felt her lips near his lower torso. He quickly zipped up his shorts before she could do
anything and sat up. Usina frowned, "What's wrong?" Trunks shook his head, "No no, I can't do this!" and
Usina crawled back up to him and rested her chin on his chest as she stroked the side of his face and
chin. Trunks could then feel the room spinning. The alcohol had done a number on him and his eyes
wondered down to Usina. She was beautiful and wanting him so what was wrong with him? Seeing the
alcohol taking effect again and Trunks's tenseness leaving him, she sat up on his stomach and leaned in for
deeper kissings. She then sliped back for a moment to look at him. He was incredibly handsom and all
hers now. She wanted him the moment she saw him in the crowd and now she couldn't be happier. She
came to this island looking for someone like him and now she had found him and would leave with him.
"Trunks..." she whispered. With eyes closed and lost in another world without thinking, he leaned in
wanting more of her lips but she held him back and stroked his hair as she said, "Trunks..." he frowned
slightly with eyes still closed and whispered, "What?" and she said it, "Trunks...I love you."
Still lost in his trance, Trunks started to reply, "I love..." Usina smiled, "Yes...?" and he struggled for it
again, "I love..." Anticipating his words, Usina's smile grew larger, "Yes Trunks, say it."
A small confused frown came upon Trunks's face as he stuttered upon the words again, "I love..." and his
eyes shot open as if he were shot in the back, "Pan!" he replied quickly bringing himself back to reality.
Usina froze with her mouth open and a look of pain and confusion. Trunks looked at her with apologetic
eyes and repeated softly, "I love Pan....I'm sorry." and Usina slowly looked away and then down at herself
ashamed and feeling pretty low. She slowly and playfully scratched his chest with one finger as she
quivered, "You mean the woman wearing a maroon and black haulter top bikini?" and Trunks nodded. Usina
struggled to keep herself from crying. That last thing she wanted was for him to see her cry. She then
looked at him with watery eyes, "Then you had better go to her."
Feeling bad, Trunks lifted up her red right spegetti strap that had fallen over her shoulder and placed back
on. "Usina, I should have just -" but she just laughed through her tears and gave Trunks a playful shove,
"Just go you big goof!" Her smile was beautiful and it made him feel all the more better. Trunks then helped
Usina off him and walked for the door. Before leaving he turned and whispered, "I really am sorry." and
Usina nodded, "So am I."

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