chapter 4

It was a bright and beautiful morning. The sun was high and beaming, the weather was perfectly hot with
pleasent gusts of wind and the beach was gorgeous. The cresent waves crashed with exhileration as the
foam washed upon the white sands over conch shells and dried up starfish. The guys where all there
enjoying the magestic beauty of the Island's beach which was packed with other women, men and children.
Some of the them had set up a beach net and began playing a challenging game of football while some
soaked up the sun's rays and others surfed the waves. Goten laid peacefully in the sun face up and eyes
closed wearing nothing but his red board shorts when suddenly a shadow came over him and he slowly
opened his eyes in annoyance. There hoovering over him stood Trunks, wet and with his long ivory
surfboard under one arm. "So where the heck are Marron,Bra,Pan andJuhachi-gou ? They should be out
here enjoying the beaches and weather." he asked.
"Your guess is as good as mine Trunks," replied Goten, "now can you step to the side? You're blocking the
And the day continued on. The surfers,Tien, Trunks, Yamcha,and Gohan all gave it a rest and brought their
boards onto shore to join in on a friendly game of football on the beach. Goku ran for all he was worth with
the ball tucked firmly near him. He dodged, faked and leaped over falling others as they tried to tackle him
but it was no use, the Goku had made a touchdown as he and his team cheered. Trunks beat the ground
with his fist and cried to Goten who laid stomach down on the sands near him, "How do we let your dad get
by us each time?" and Goku answered for him as he walked by the fallen Trunks, "Easy, this dad knows
how to play better than anyone." and Goku had dropped the football near Trunks who stood to his feet and
took hold of it ready for another play when suddenly a loud siren was heard on the beach. Every eye was
brought to a large beach stadium where there were two run way arches in semi circles meeting together
and ran back up through the middle of the oval back to the stadium. Lights flew about in different arays of
colors as beach party music boomed throughout the shore. Like magnets, masses of women gathered at
the edge of the stadium waiting for something to happen as others began acting crazy and danced to the
music. The guys had found their place in the crowd up near the front of the walkway's middle edge.
Trunks, Goten and Vegeta squeezed through the crowd and joined their friends with a few unexpected
beverages, "Hey guys, check this out!! Drinks on the house!"
Gotens eyes widened as he took a glass, "Margaritas? FREE margaritas?!" and Trunks immediatly took a
glass from Kuririn, "What is all this?" and suddenly a waterfall of tequilas and drinks fell upon the raging
crowd, soaking  everyone from head to toe in maragritas and tequilas. Goten laughed and
answered Trunks's question, "Never ask question when drinks are free and pouring from the skies!" and
Trunks laughed.
Just then a large well built guy strolled on stage wearing a Caliente Island beach t-shirt, bright yellow board
shorts, a necklace of colorful flowers, flip flops and silver sunglasses. In his hand he held the microphone
and welcomed everyone to Caliente Island and everyone soaked in rum cheered like wild animals. Pleased
with their responce, the announcer continued with a shred of thrill in his voice, "Excellent!" and he turned to
the cameras that came hoovering towards him from the mechanical rails that framed the stage, adressing
the folks at home who were watching. "Here at Caliente Island we have our anual Miss Caliente Island
Queen Beach Contest here on the island's beautiful shores. Here on this stage, gorgeous, sexy, candy
eyed women will walk this run way wearing bathing suits that will cause you to go wild. Each woman will
step out, present herself, show what she's got and in the end they'll all step out ready for your judgment on
who deserves such a grand title and will be awarded with this here crown," and the announcer held up a
crown of mulitcolored sea shells and flowers, "and given this here trophy." and off to the side sat a large
golden trophy of a woman exhalted high on a saphire blue cresent wave. "So let the games begin!" and the
crowd cheered as the host stepped to the side with his mic and the curtains opened revealing the fist
contestant, a beautiful hispanic woman wearing a white bikini in which the top strapped over only one
shoulder complimenting her elegant shoulders and long arms. With the beach party music playing and the
crowd clapping to the beat, the sleek woman strutted down the middle of the runway with pazaz and
attitude. At the edge of the stage, Goten found that he was close enough to touch her ankles. Everyone
hooped and hollared with the crowd, holding up their drinks to her with whistles and stray kisses. She stood
there, took the mic and presented herself with a soothing voice, "Hi, my name's Shawnelopey from Seattle,
Washington." and the crowds cheered as she stepped away from the mic. As she walked away the next
contestant made her way up. The dbz guys jaws all dropped. It was Bra! She wore a ravishing pastel pink
tube top bikini with a beautiful lavender lily behind her ear.
"Good lord!" cried Goten who was suddenly having trouble standing up as his eyes widened with each step
she took towards the front. "My name is Bra from Tokyo, Japan." and the crowd went wild. And the day
continued on like this. The guys found themselves drooling over the various women on stage. Every man on
the beach nearly fell over when Marron entered on stage. Marron wore light blue triangle top bikini with a
crown of colorful flowers on her head. As she strutted to the front, Kuririn nearly passed out.Kuririn fainted
when he saw Juhachi-gou.
"My name's Marron from Tokyo, Japan." and the crowd roared and went crazy with whistles and cheers. A
few more felines entered and left till suddenly Pan made herself present. There Pan stood in all her glamour
wearing a maroon and black haulter top bikini and rose behind her left ear. She was tall and beautiful
beyond words. Every guy there praised her beauty. Trunks was speechless. At the edge of the runway, she
took the mic presented her name in the sexiest tone and shook her bottom from side to side as she left
them leaving guys to crave for her return. Finally the last contestant came on stage. There she stood,
saphire blue eyes, wearing a one shoulder strapped black bikini. Her figure was phenomenal. She was tall,
elegant and enchanting. Every guy on the beach nearly died from heart failure. She slowly made her way to
the front and over the mic in a cheerful voice revealing her pearly white teeth, "Aloha Caliente Island!! My
name's Usina from Tokyo, Japan!!" and the crowd went wild like never before. The woman then glanced
down at the dbz gang below her, her eyes on one guy in particular. She leaned over, took Trunks's face in
her soft hands and gave him a sudden kiss on the lips. The guys ran in wanting one of their own but
the woman stepped back and left the runway. Goten glanced at Trunks and asked with a frown, "What was
that?" but Trunks was in a trance as he watched her leave. Gohan came up behind and gave him a playful
punch in the arm, "Oh buddy!! She was incredible!! You're so freakin lucky!!" Then Videl came up to
Gohan."Gohan who dare you stare at that woman like she was your wife!!videl yelled."oh sorry Videl"Kuririn
threw his arms up in the air, "Why does he get all the women?!"
"Did you see that?!" cried Pan from behind stage, "That bafoon kissed my guy!!" and just as the
heated Pan was about to step out, Bra quickly stood in her way, holding her back, "Hold it Pan! She's just
trying to get the guys to want her! It's all competition. Just let it go, we're about to make our final runway
and get voted upon." and with a heavy sigh Pan nodded and headed back to get ready for the finale.

With the mic once again, the announcer took over, "Wasn't that just the most refreshing event to ever
happen on a beach?" and the crowd answered with cries and cheers. "Now we'll have all our contestants
step out and Miss Caliente Island Queen of the Beach will be presented." and with large smiles set, the
queens all came out in a line filling up the side arched run ways. With them all out at once, the every
guy couldn't contain themselves. Pan glanced at Trunks from the corner of her eye but was dismayed to
find him gawking at that woman named Usina who stood there in all her glory with a huge triumphant smile
and giving out a few waves and blow kisses.
The host was then given a sheet of paper, "The judges have made a tough decision. Out of these
lovly women only four have been chosen for you all out there to pick upon for the title. And those four
are...Marron!" and the crowd cheered as the Long-haird woman stepped foward. "...Bra!!" and
the dbz gang went wild with the audience as the Bra herself stepped up next to Marron. "I knew she could
do it!" cried Goten. "....Usina!!" the crowd busted out with the loudest cry ever over the carshing waves of
the ocean. She stepped foward proudly with her large flawless smile. "...and last but definetly not least,
Pan!!" Pan nearly died as she jumped up and down laughing with victory. The crowd went crazy as Trunks
joined them crying, "That's my girl!!! That's my baby!!" Feeling a lot better and more confident now that
Trunks was rooting for her, she stepped up next to Usina with her own radient smile. And the host turned to
the audience and said, "And who do you all choose out of these four gorgeous women?" and
simultaniously, the crowd roared, "USINA!!!" Pan's heart sank and the anthem played as she was awarded
the crown and trophy. The crowd cheered and chanted her name. They loved her, they really loved her. She
took her winnings and waved to the audience, thanking them for their vote with blow kisses and laughter.
Flower petals and splashes of tequila were thrown at her in victory. Pan couldnt believe her eyes. Her
friends cheered with exhileration but what tore her apart the most was Trunks. There he was whistling
loudly like never before. Usina found him in the crowd, winked at him and gave him a small gesture with her
finger to join her on stage. Unable to contain himself, Trunks came up on the stage, ran to her and swept
her off her feet. She laughed wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him her crown of shells and flowers.
She took his glass of margarita and poured it all over him with glee. Trunks laughed and shook his head
allowing the drink to fly everywhere. Bra could have killed Goten, for he too cheered like never before, giving
the others victorious hugs and toasting their drinks to one another. The dbz gang were in complete
celebration as the women stood there dismayed at their lost and their guys reaction to Usina's win.
Witnessing Trunks outrageous flirting with the Caliente Island Queen, Pan felt she was going to cry and ran
off stage leaving Trunks alone yet enjoying his time well spent with Usina.

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