One More Time
by Julo18
Chapter 1: Marron’s Problem

Marron walks into her apartment. She was in a really bad mood cause James tried to ask her back all day and they broke up 2 years ago. She but her pocketbook down and went to the kitchen. She looked in the cabinets and couldn’t find any food. She looked in the kitchen and couldn’t find anything but ice trays. “ Trunks was here,” she thought. Then the doorbell rung. “ I wonder who it is,” Marron thought. She opens the door and her frown turned into a long frown.

“What do you want?” Marron said. It was her ex boyfriend James.
“ Ok I just came to tell you that I still um… like you and will you go back with me?”
“ Lets see give me 200 years to think about it” Marron said in a hateful voice.
“ No Marron I really like you and my life will not be the same with out you” James pleaded.
“ Um… No” Marron said.
“ But Marron” James said still pleading.
“ What part of no don’t you understand the N or the O” Marron screamed at the top of her lungs.
“ Well you don’t have nobody better than me and you will never find no one better”. At that time Marron froze and bald up her fist, in a really bad mood she took one go direct swing at James face and hit James directly in the nose. That punch made him fall on the floor, he sounded like he was about to cry. He got up and looked at her in her face and told her that she will never find someone like him. “ Please like he was Mr. Perfect” Marron thought as she had shut her door.

“ Now what am I going to eat” Marron said. Then the doorbell rung again. She bald up her fist thinking it was James again but when she opened the door it was Bra with Trunks and Goten. “Oh hi” Marron said cheerfully.

“ Girl, you have a violent mood swing,” Bra said. Marron blushed.
“Yeah, we saw the hole fight. James came and you gave in a sock in the nose. You was in a really bad mood and now you’re all nice and calm and …” Goten stared but started to eat his McDonald cheese burger. Marron glared at Trunks. Trunks got scared cause he knew that Marron was going to kick his butt for eating all the food.

“ OK, Marron I sorry for eating all the food and um… I’m sorry for not leaving you any. But look on the bright side we brought you some food. Marrons mad face turn into abright sunny smile. “ You are so cute” Marron said and jumped in Trunks lap. She pinched his cheek like an aunt would do and gave in a big, long kiss on the lips. When she finally let go Trunks was panting for air. Bra and Goten’s mouth dropped to the floor. “ You know what lets go out to that mall and go shopping.

“ Yes” Bra said in excitement.
“No!!!!” Trunks & Goten thought. “We will need this” Bra and Marron took Goten and Trunks’s credit card. “Let’s go, charge it” the girl screamed in joy as Trunks and Goten was about to cry.

“ Our money is gone,” Goten said.

To be continued…

Next time: Marron and Bra is going to met some one. Trunks and Goten have a secret, and Marron is going to go throw another mood swing. Find out in chapter 2: Charge it :)


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