Chapter 2 : Charge It

“So where are we going to shop?” Bra said curiously.
“Oh, here and there” Marron said cheerfully.
“ You scare me sometimes Marron” Bra said nervously.
“ What do you mean?” Marron questioned.
“ I don’t know when you will have one of those mood swings, and when you have those violent mood swings I defiantly don’t want to be in your path”.
“Oh, I see” Marron said in a cheerful voice.

  At the mall Marron and Bra was walking around in Victoria’s Secrete when they BUMPED into some friends. “ Ouch” Bra said rubbing her forehead. “ Watch were you are going bone head” When she looked up it was Ubu. “Ubu, what are you doing in here?”. “O, sorry B-B-Bra” Ubu started to stutter and blush. “ I’m with P-Pan”. Then Marron came around the corner. “Bra, do you think Trunks will like… O, my Ubu what are you doing in hear”. Ubu started to blush more. Then Pan came around the corner. “ Hey, we were about to go see you guys” Pan said happily. “ Hey, you want to go back to my apartment and watch some movies” Marron said. On their way out Marron bumped into something as hard as a rock. When she looked up it was James.

“ Who was that purple haired boy you kissed in your apartment?” James said angrily. James sounded funny cause he had a bandage on his noise from Marron’s mood SWING.
“ His name is Trunks, he is cuter, stronger, more caring, and he is better in bed then you will ever be” Marron said angrily.
“ How can you do this to me, you been cheating on me with a purple hair freak”. At that time Bra and Marron punched James in the jaw. Everyone looked at Bra in surprise. “ No one will ever call my brother a purple hair freak but me and you need to stop wining,” Bra said very angrily.

   At Marron’s apartment Trunks and Goten was laughing in Marron’s room. “ I can’t believe this” Goten whispered. “ Yep” Trunks giggled. “ Your not going to do it” Goten giggled. “ O, yes I am.” Trunks said. “ It’s the only way”

To be continued …

Next time: Bra’s has a deep secret that will change the friendship of the 6 friends. Trunks has a plan that will twist the story completely around. Find out in chapter 3 Twisted  

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