Pixie*chan: About the TM/TP war, there is no point in it 0_0 didn't it say that the briefs and the sons lost contact? geez everyone goes so pyscho over it...Some people haven't even seen GT and still say that they hate marron/pan when they haven't even seen it! It's just fanfic and stuff ^_^;; Besides I like Marron-chan and Pan! Also, I love your art HaRUko ^_^ *jealous* lol anyway, keep up the good work! I was also wondering when you are going to do more of you manga..That's really good too! I know how you feel with all the requests though 0_0 that's happened to me too...^_^ Good job on the site *pixiechan
HaRUko^: I know! It is SO funny to see all these peoples are so obsessed about this TP-TM war! They're fighting for something that never happened in GT! And yes, it is true, in the series, they mentioned that the Briefs and the Sons have lost contact at the end of the series (maybe around after Gokou's death). Like you, I've met quite a lot of people who was anti-Marron/Pan without knowing about the characters' real backgrounds! Some was a Pan/Marron fan even they haven't watch DBGT! O_O
Thea: Why Goten, Trunks, and Marron? Why not Pan, Trunks, and Bra? Or Marron, Bra, and Ubuu? 
HaRUko^: First of all, Pan is my least fav character (among the Next Gen-Z) even though she's really cool. Next, I'm not really into this Marron/Ubbu/Bra kind of thing. I just can't see the connection between these three. The reason I chose GTM was because Goten and Trunks were happen to be my fav duo. And I thought adding Marron to the group would be cool because they're the only three (except Gohan) from all the next Gen-Z that have been together since the beginning of the Majin Buu saga!
Brittany AKA (B-chan): Trunks is the one for me my and one and only destiny! When I first saw himm...
HaRUko^: Um..okay..O_O;
Ling Xiao Yu:WHOOHOOO!!!!!>.< After i looked at the pics, i read the chapter like...5 times...^-^...LOVE YOUR ART!
HaRUko^: Hey Thanks! I worked really hard on that chapter and it turned out to be my personal fav as well! ^_^ 
Tobias Hideo-san: Hi, I myself am a Goten and Bra fan, and the few fics I've done,does have them as a couple, but why, WHY! Does everyone else make Paris look like, a cruel person, or a idiot, or she always hurts Goten in some big way,  I think it's stupid just because they're G\B stories, In my fic, "Her Smile"( I'll try and send it to you)  I make Paris an IMPORTANT and vital character (with a brain) just not dating Goten,Thank you.
HaRUko^: I have NO idea. Maybe they made her that was so it's easy to get rid of her out of their story (if they're writing a G/B story that is..) .. *shrugs*. I'm glad that you have a different point of view on lovely Paresu-chan ^_^. At least SOMEBODY looks at her in a good way!
tarshay: why did they make trunks ignore marron and they grew up together
HaRUko^: Trunks didn't ignore her. It's just that Marron only played a minor role in both DBZ/GT. So the series focused more on Trunks and the other popular characters.
Ultimate Super Saiyan: An Image Gallery would be nice, cuz well sure the fanart is awesome and you're an excellent artist but, you should have an image gallery too.
HaRUko^: eh? But I do have an image gallery! It's at: http://members.tripod.com/gtmscreencaps/ss.htm
Me: If the time chamber thing (sorry can't remember what its really called.) Passes 1 whole year in 1 day why don't there ages change? If Gohan was ten when he went in shouldn't he have been 11 when he cam out and after his B-day 12? (sorry making no sense just board thanks bye)
HaRUko^: Yes it's true their ages change after a day in the Time Palace. Butt hat doesn't mean they would have to screw up their age in the reality/real world! That would be so confusing!

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