Jennie-chan (that cool author chic in GTM libraries^_^) : O...K...I don't TOTALLY agree with Tp+gm Fan. I mean, yeah people are hated more than Marron...but I think it's wrong to judge people by their appearence in FOUR minutes on the  screen. And I just want to say that not ALL T&P fans are bad! Heck, in Shadow&Light  TM club, there are a lot of TP fans hanging out with TM fans! And in my opinon, I  think those people who flame or diss the other side shouldn't consider  themselves fans. Besides, Akira Toriyama didn't even write GT, but like you  Haruko, I don't think Marron-chan would be such a big character but what I'm trying to say is that don't judge Marron so soon...she might be as bad as B-chan ^_^. Anyway, I shared my two cents...and I hope Ididn't bring up the T&M and T&P squabble again...sorry if I did. PLZ tell mewhat U think!~Jennie ^_^
HaRUko^: Don't worry Jennie, you didn't bring up any TM-TP squabble ^_^ (Thank GOD, lol!). But let me comment on something here..yes, it IS true that we can't judge people by their appearence in FOUR minutes on the screen.. but then again, I just realized something, most Marron fans DID judge her by her FOUR minutes too.. but in a good way ^_^; AND not ALL Marron fans/haters came from by watching the series.. and believe me, most of them became fans or haters after reading particular FanFictions.. or influenced by other peoples. Well, correct me if I'm wrong.. but I'm only sure of ONE thing: Everyone has their on history of becoming a fan. And it's not about the 4 minutes ^_^;;;. So to people out there who STILL thinks Marron is only a boring and unappreciated character, open up your eyes and look around. There ARE peoples out there who think differently than you. And to be different, that doesn't mean they're bad. Just be NICE to each other okay? ^_^ And oh yeah, Just go to Shadow&Light TM Club because there where are the TP and TM fans actually hang out together. Nice little peacefull community I must say ^_^. Btw, thank you for sharing Jennie!
anubis : i like the site but what about bra and pan?
HaRUko^: This site does focuse on three of the next generations characters, but that doesn't mean I have to include Pan and Bra! Let's just say I prefer my own originality of a site ^_^.
Unknown: I know you've already had lots of questions about this, but what are the ages of the next generation characters at the end of gt, (not the way 114 year old pan end but right before that)  thanks 
HaRUko^: There are no other end of DBGT before 114 Pan O_O;.. but if you're talking about when Pan was still 14, well that means Goten was 27, Trunks-28, Marron-23 and Bra -13/16 (still not sure about it ^_^). I hope I answered your question!
 Marron Chan : Eh. I didn't mean to be say that ALL T/P lovers hate Marron I meant most. And yes most T/M lovers hate Pan. I should have stated my comment a little better but thats what you get when it's like 2:00 a.m. I would like to apologize for that. Some T/P fans do like Marron and yes some Marrons fans like Pan. I myself like her as well. I tent to RP her on another sn. So to Tp + Gm fan I want to say sorry for not mentioning that Marron fans are just as bad and yes something even worse then pan fans and some so like her. Next Time a Make a commit I'll read it over before sending it. Sorry! ^-^;; Oh and that Lauralu dude!! Whoa! talk about a lot of energy!! What did you eat that day to give you so much energy!? And I gotta say I love the site!! Love the Fanfics and love the art!! I hope you guys like my poems and the beginning of my Mirai Torankusu and Marron fanfic. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! And I`m so sorry!! Bubai
HaRUko^: I guess this message are specially for Tp-Gm fan ^_^. And thanks Marron-chan! I really like your poem and fic! ^_^ Looking forward for more from you soon!
Unknown: why the hell dont you just call this a tm site? Its basicly what it is! God, you say Its 'GTM' yet there is hardly any of the g+m relationship or the t+g relationship. Your fanarts are of t+m and G+b, what abou t+p and g+m? Your sites a peice of shit
HaRUko^: I just KNEW IT I should make a page where I could explain the REAL meaning of GTM and why. I chose Goten, Trunks and Marron because they're happen to my favorite. Not to mention they're the only next generations that already existed since the beginning of the Buu-saga. And yes sadly (for you maybe) that I'm happen to be a T&M fan. So I ALWAYS give T&M a special place on GTM. And please please PUH-LEASE remember, GTM is a FANFICS ARCHIVE.. NOT a FOR-ALL-COUPLES-YOU-CAN-THINK-OF WEBSITE! You can find TP/GM/even GT(if you're a YAOI fan) almost everywhere in the net but not here. This site has its own unique and differences from the other sites. And no, my site isn't a piece of shit. You're just saying that because you hate this website. Well.. no one asks you to like it anyway so.. And I believe critisizing is to help, not to humiliate. So I thank you. Becase of you, now I definetely need to make a page clearing my concept about GTM. Or else more and more people will get confused like you... eep! Oh yeah, next time, if you brave enough to flame the site, make sure you're brave enough to leave your name and e-mail too okay? ^_^ Thanks! 
Son Bikini:Say..i have ONE question....and its this. U gonna keep up with my DBU manga on ur say the least..ur falling behind Haruko..I know all of u at GTM are BUSY but i was hoping to catch u and make u ANSWER me..MWHHAHAHAHAHAHA ^_~ Well now that i ask my question i leave u in peace..Come and visit me at my site if u can!! _Bikini
HaRUko^:Ugh... I know ~_~. But don't worry, I'll update the FanManga Section and your DBU as soon as possible! Thanks!
Dudeman: if you had a chance to pick a boyfriend for Marron who would it be
HaRUko^: I would choose either Goten or Trunks. But I think Trunks and Marron would be a ideal couple! ^_^
InSaNe ViDeL: Hi Haruko-chan!!! I just wanna tell ya that i LOVE ur site!!! its truly one of a kind!! I envy you......but i have a couple of questions...., ive noticed that there isnt many websites w/ goten and bra together and I love that couple!!! Do you know of any websites that are dedicated to that couple??
2. Are you ever going to put up Gohan pictures in the screenshot section?? (if it sounds like Im being pushy....sorry!!! ><)
3. Are you ever going to add another part in the "never mess w/ marron" fanmanga? (sorry if im doing it again!)
4. Um, I know Im sorta askin too much already....but...would you draw a picture of gt gohan?? I totally understand if you cant,and well...there are a bunch of people askin for this kinda stuff but if you ever have time....could u?? thankies!! later
HaRUko^:Hey thank you Videl! ^_^ Your nickname is very familiar tho.. by any chance, do you own any website? Anyway, here are my answers to your Qs:
1. There a LOT of B&G Websites out there. You can find a site that related to B&G if you go to a T&P sites too. Try to look at the Links section. I remember there a few B*G sites linked there. 
2. You're not being pushy, calm down hehe ^_^. And yes of course i'll be putting GT Gohan pics up in the SS section. In fact, there a few right now! More coming soon ^_^
3. Oh I will.. but not anytime soon tho, sorry. If only I'm not too caught up with works...argh!
4. I would love to draw you a pic but I just hardly have a time to even do a sketch! I'm sorry.. but I'll keep your request in mind ^_^. and Thanks again!
 Hotaru 2.0 hi.I really LOVE your site.Can you ask Brianna to send more of HER art,I really love it
HaRUko^:  Hey thanks! As about Brianna, check out her fabulous arts at !  enjoy!
Katsurina:What do you think of somebody putting a made up character with Trunks?  No harm done, right? I mean, people fight over the T/P and T/M rhing,  why not just settle it by putting the kids with made up characters?  (Personally, I'm a T/M, Ubuu/Pan fan *ducks flying objects*) Any way, The  link to the Neo-GTM RPG isn't working. I want to join sooo badly! Do you  want to keep people out of it because it's full? Ga, enough yakking,  Bye!
HaRUko^: You know what, that's not a bad idea afterall! Maybe we CAN create more cooler characters for Trunks and for the other Next Gen-Z characters. But still, I don't think the T&P and T&M wars going to fade out easily. About the RPG section... eh I don't think Neo-GTM will no longer exist ^_^.. sad huh? I really apreciate it that you wanted to join so thanks anyway ^_^.

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