From UnterHosen: Ano, Goku was shown once again after he went with the dragon. It was at a Tenkai-ichi Boudoukai 100 years in the future. He was there to wacth Goku Jr. fight with Vegeta Jr. Pan was ther too wacthing it and saw Goku standing and he turned to leave. Pan got up and up and chased after him but he was losed in the crowd. And keep up the good work.  
HaRUko^: Hey! thanks for the infos, UnterHonsen! Guess this message may go to Meioh ^_^. Yes he did came back! But we still don't know where he's been for the last 100 years!! You know what? I think I better make one gallery especially for the last episode of DBGT!
From Lori Nanakusa:Hiya! I have no idea how I came to be here, just surfed in and I just HAD to say that I luv your site!! I don't even have much of an intrest in Dragon Ball anymore since they stopped airing it years ago when I first started watching when Goku was a teeny litle kid who still had his tail. Then they stopped showing it for some reason for 3 years and I forgot about it; now they started showing DBZ and I'm blanked out cuz I missed a few years worth of sagas! Anywayz, after coming to your site my intrest in it has revitalized; not completely cuz I find all the  fighting parts kinda boring(but that's just me). Anyways, I uv your site! It's got great information (which was  good in my case!) and an amazing multimedia section! J-pop is my fav type of music! Would you mind if I could please use Zutto Futari de as the theme for my website? It's Tranquil Reflections at in case you wanted to know. Oh yeah! And I suggest putting Only You in your multimedia section too;it's a beautiful song. *gasp* Shoot!!I forgot,test  tomorrow! I gotta go study! L8r!  
HaRUko^: Hey, I wasn't a DB fan too ^_~ I even said once their drawings are horible!But I enjoyed the story line...I became a DB fan after I read the Majin-Buu saga! ^_^ After that I tried to catch up all the stories by renting the whole episodes I missed! And when I'd done with DBZ...I moved on to DBGT ^_^. hm, boring history...ANYWAY, thank you for coming here ^_^ and I'm glad we didn't dispointed you so far. I love J-pop too! (obviously!) and of course you may use the midis we have. Just take anything you want from there! EVEN THE BACKGROUND! ^_^;. Oh, do you know that Zutto Futari de was used by several pages as theme music too? This shows how good this song is ^_^. GLAY ROCKS! I'm not really aware of the song 'Only You' unless I knoe who's the singer is ^_^. After all, a lot of songs were entitle with the..uh,same title! ^_^Thanks for the suggestions anyway! and Study well! 
  From marron:Ok...great news for all that love Brianna's work. found 2 sites where  
she has some of her newsest stuff. it can be found  at and search around  
there is lots of other great stuff on both sites. on the Planet Namek one, its on page 26 of fan art. good stuff. well i just thought i would  
pass it around and WELCONE BACK GTM, HARUKO, AND RUKAWA!!!!!!!!! WE ALL  

ps. i am still working on those stories but exams are going on so give me a couple of weeks please:-D 
Haruko: Ohh!! Thank you for the URLs! Like you, I adored Brianna's masterpiece too! She is so talented! And THANK YOU for welcoming us back! We missed being around here too ^_^. Well, actually I'm the one who just got back...Rukawa is away on an exchange student thingy at Okinawa! I miss her so much! (^_^); 

 From C.K.:Hello! This site rocks!! ^o^ I'm very glad that AT LAST, you guys updated from that LOOOOOONG gap.Can you guys tell me why Goten is always shown as a playboy, picking up GFs here and there, and he gets dumped or so? O_O ;_; I mean...where'd  
that come from???And why do people hate Paris? Could you please elaborate?Thank you very much for being nice to me....*sniff* 
HaRUko^: Hmm..I really don't know either ^_~;. But the way it shows Goten in the series, he is someone who loves to have fun and girls ^_^ or at least....socializing, but thats just me! I was surprised though when I found out a lot more other people was thinking the same way ^_^. Remember at the end of DBZ he said "he had a date" and that was an excuse for his dad from dragging him to Tenkaichi Budoukai. And then in DBGT, Paris was actually his new current girlfriend! So..he had a gf at 17...and got a NEW one when he's 27! so within these 10 years, he should have some prev relationships! (^_^) As an addition, I think it's a good combination of him with Trunks ^_^: Goten-who knows how to get a gurl, Trunks-who DOESN'T know how to get a girl! But we never really know what type of person Goten really is ^_^" knowing him as a playboy-type just an imagination or creations by us fans. You are freely to have your own ^_^. As for Paris, I never hated her! Or have I? I dunno... (^_^);;;;, but to be honest, I don't have anything againts Paris! You may meet some people who does..but don't worry about them. Just stand up and be proud with your own opinions. Want me to prove I don't hate Paris? ^_~ Look at my gallery and searched for a Marron and Paris art by me. It was actually requested by Rukawa. She said these too have in common in some ways amongts the fans. Example: 2 human girls who always got dissed around because they're not good enough for Trunks and Goten! ((-_-)), I really feel sorry for Paris tho..Anyway ^_^, Paris really stand out as Goten's hot gf in the series! You Go girl! Oh, and thanks for your questions, C.K ^_^. I hope you got the elaborations you want...I think I'm lost in my own words... LOL!
 From Ayana Yamashita:Hiyaz! sup? I must say, I spend half my time looking for the best db  
fanfic sites on the web, and my other half here at the for-sure best site in my opinion!!!! I love just a feeling! it's my all time fav, and haruko, could you pretty please post more great teacher goten? *BEGS INSANELY* I must know what happens next....just the usual YAY go ppl! I'm  
sure you get hundreds of these things, you guys are doing a great job, it cheered up my sick day to see that the site was updated after so long, I started to forget this place existed...only started, never finished...thank dende...haruko, I had no idea you went to the matt and mimi  
website too. the first time I saw your name on the page I went hyper...yes this has continued way too long, keep it up!! -so called queen of the 
 HaRUko^: Oh thank you! Thank you so much for saying all those nice things you said! ^_^ And I'm glad you never forgot about GTM. Also,  thank you for saying JAF is your all time fav *touched*! As for GTG, I did continue writing it! But right in the middle of the story, I got writer's block -_-. But I will work on it soon! Thanks for your support! ^_^ Oh, guess I should tell you I'm a BIG TIME Mimato fan too! Can I brag a little?(hehe).. I got more fans from my Digimon arts compare to my DBGT arts ^_^;.. guess I should stop drawing DBGT and build a Digimon gallery! Well, thinking about it too ^_^. Kay! Thanks a lot for your comments! *hugZ*  
From Sierra-chan:Well, first off, I have come here EVERY SINGLE DAY since I found out about this site in August (U.S.A...we all hate it -_-").It's the best I've found so far!(And I'm not lying either.)Soon enough, when my story is all done and yada yada yada, I'll send it in:)It's a great story, with me and Trunks (or as I call him, Trunksy^_^)Well, anyways, Marron is by FAR, the BEST female anime character EVER!*smiles cutely* And Trunks and Marron DO make a kawaii couple.All the way with T&M!Well, I've gotta scram cause my parents are making me ):( I don't WANNA GO!!)So I'll be back EVERY DAY, and I'll send in that story when I'm done.And you can expect more after that one too:)Got to go!Seeya'll! 
Rukawa: 'kay, first of all, always listen to your parents! *LOL*. Anyway, thank you for being such a loyal fan to GTM. We'll be working forward to read  your fics! 
HaRUko^: T&M all the way! (^_^) and thank you Sierra! ( I have a friend from Hong Kong name Sierra too ^_^ at first I thought you were her! ^_^) 
 From Meioh:I love this site you guys. It's great. (Go Trunks and Marron shippers!) I was wondering if you had any more info on when Gokou died who did what and so on. Also, I don't mind Bra and Goten, but aren't the ages pretty far off? I'm just wondering why people hate Parisu so much. If Goten likes her, (in which he OBVIOUSLY does) then I like her too. Anywho, keep up your work. You have another fan right here. ^-~ 
Rukawa: Gokou died before the end the DBGT. In order to re-construct the earth, Gokou must trade the wish with his life...of course no one knew that. And then, Gokou took off with the Dragon and never came back after that.... As for Bra and Goten...I don't think that couple exists..well so does Trunks and Marron *shoot!* But a lot of people thought they are good together so they start writing a fanfiction about them which of course, spread all over faster than Goten with Paris ! This what made people think more about Goten and Bra...and they have no problem with the age gap. Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with Goten and Bra....but the anime DID show Goten has a girlfriend named Paris and he even said he loves her! I don't have anything againts Paris...I think she does deserves Goten in some ways.  
HaRUko^: ah ^_^" seems like Rukawa had explained me will keep quiet. Oh! I looked up on Paris too ^_^. She and Goten do look great! (note: Big G&B fan here, people!)
 From Angel-Samantha: HELLO! Love your site! T&M 4-ever! *jumps up and down* Thank you for all the T&M fanfics! Love the fan-manga section. Thank you, Haruko for making a great one! Want to read more of it!Oh...*stops jumping* one senseless question from the hyper one...Do you like Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon?I will stop rambling now!Bye,bye!!!^_~ 
Rukawa: First of all, T&M FOR EVER!! I love Haruko's mangas too. And can I answer your question? Well, I guess GW is better than SM. SM is so girlie! 
HaRUko^: I think GW is sort of better than SM too...but I like the humours in SM ^_^. Usagi is so funny at times! Oh hey! Thank you for liking the manga section! and go T&M!
From Lily: HOW ON EARTH CAN U BE KNOWN HERE?!?!sorry to much well my question is: How can u be know here? Cuz u can't find people in the chat, and in the message room they just answer u and "poof" ur forgoten..any advice??? 
Rukawa: I'm not really known here either ^^, sorry, but that's just me! I'm not really a message board comer and I don't go to the chat room always..^^. I'm just known as Haruko's lil ol' helper! 
HaRUko^: I guess you should come to the MB more frequently ^_^..there are a lot of nice people in there and I'll be around too!
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