NEW! From R.M :your site rips!!! (thats a good thing k?) i visit all day!!! I've read alot of Haruko's fics my favorite was Just a Feeling. Very well done, but loooooong. I finally finished it!! Well it turns out im a Juuhachi-Gou and her family fanatic. Can you write a fic about juu-chan??
HaRUko^: Since I'm in a middle of a huge writer's block, I don't think I'll be able to write any fics this soon ^_~;. But thank you for the idea! I love the Kurilins family too. And thank you for loving JAF ^_^. It's really long isn't it? I advice you to pick a weekend to read it!
From Jay Jay: For the songs you want why don't you download of Napster?You can find everything there I know I have it^_~
HaRUko^: Oooh!! I heard about that Napster thingy from people around but never know what it is! Is it something like Mp3? (O_O); Or a website? Or a cute little fluffy animal? But I WILL FIND THAT SONG! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!! *ehem*....Thanks Jay Jay for your help! But I'm going to find out about this Napster thing first.... :::hugs Sugizo from Luna Sea::: 
From Maria: Hey Haruko and Rukawa, Your sight is really cool!!! In DBGT do trunks and marron ever accually see eachother, goten too (he's my very favorite I luv him). So many people like trunks, not saying he's bad but Goten needs more credit there are not very many site dedicated to him. Yall have made an awesome sight and it's cool how you dedicated it to all 3! I have another question. Did you ever see all the DBZ shows? I was long dose it take gohan to grow up after the cell games, and goten to be born? I havent seen all of them and I cant seem to get those. You have some great fan fics, I'm writing one now mabey I can send it to you and you can see if you want to put it on your sight ^_^! Well I got to be going.....I'm gonna go see a movie.....WOW I wrote alot! Well I hope you can help me. Bye bye.~Luv, Maria~
HaRUko^: Wokay!  2 questions. First, did Trunks and Marron actually meet in DBGT? Yes they have, but they don't have the scenes where we can see them talking face to face. But think logically! Marron came to every reunion in Capsule Corp. or some other gatherings. You think they actually never 'talk' to one another? ^_^ As for Goten, Trunks and Goten are very close since they were kids. But between Goten and Marron, they should have some sort of special friendship since his and her family are really close. That's the point of creating this website I think ^_^. Just STOP relying on what you only see in the anime, but think about the beauty behind it! We always believe there's special bond between these 3. Gokou, Bulma and Kurilin were best friends when they're young.....why can't their young generation be the same too? ^_^. And I agree about Goten should get bigger role too. I'm kinda obsessed with him as you are...hehe. Do you know that GOTEN who actually suppose to go for the DragonBall hunting in DBGT instead of Pan? But Pan snuck inside the spaceship and push the button which made the ship took off (with Trunks and Gokou in it) without GOTEN! Imagine if Goten one of the main character in DBGT!^_^. Oh, and I did watch all of the DBZ series...but that was a long time ago... I hardly remember far as I recall ^_^, after the Cell saga ended, they have short series of Gokou while he's in heaven. Even in heaven they have Fighting Competition ^_^. But later, the new saga begins, thats when you will see Gohan as a teenager and 7 year old Goten! Hey, just send in your fanfics! We luv fanfics! ^_^ I'll be looking forward to read yours! So Maria, I hope I answered your questions pretty well, and please! we luv reading mails! Don't be shy to send more! Good bye! ^_^
From Marron:Do you know what's Brianna's email address, or do you know how I can 
contact her.  I have to ask her something very important.
HaRUko^: I lost her e-mail addy but I remembered she signed GTM guestbook once, so after hours of looking ^_~; I finally got it. Her e-mail addy and she also has her own website at ! ^_^ When you e-mail her, please say hi to her for me, please! Thanks! ^_^
From Wallis: Hello, I first of all want to say I LUV your site it kicks @$$! It is the best Dragon Ball GT site on the web well actually it's the best site in general. Your fanfics are great I wish I could think of fics like that....but I cant ^_^. T&M Fa eva babe-ah! I also wanted to say that I luv your page soooooo much everytime I get some free time off I come here and read your fics and look at the pics! Ok I'm a poet and didnt know it but uh well ok. I read "Just a Feeling" like 10000000000 times(well not litterally) but I've read it lots. Haruko, Rukawa you guys rock keep up the awesome work and if I ever do get creative I'll send you my stuff alrighty. Luv all DBZ/GT fans lots speccially you guys fa making the site. T&M WOOHOO! YEAH! HEHE! HAHA! Alright I must be on something(j/k). MMMMM i'm gonna go now, Buh buy.
HaRUko^: Hehe, Wow Wallis, calm down! ^_^ Flattery won't get you no, Thank you. Thank you so much for being a big fan of GTM, my fic ^_~ and of course T&M. As for JAF, it won't be as good as right now if my friend Ree woudln't help me ^_^. She's the great writer, and I'm glad she helped me with JAF. On behalf of Rukawa, once again I say THANK YOU!! We will keep our best as the site you loved ^_^. Bye!
From Casio:Can you give me some more info Animako-chan? She's a babe!
HaRUko^: Wha? ^_^ Whats this? a crush on a fanfic writer? Aren't you the Casio who also sent us some fics? Well anyway, I can't tell you EVERYTHING about her, because ...well,..just because. Maybe it's better if you e-mailed her yourself ^_^. I can tell you 'some' things about her though. She's totally a GREAT person! Fun girl to hang out with ^_^. Not to mention  a BABE!(like you said that is ^_^). But above all, she's real cool. So if you want to know more of her, don't be shy and e-mail her at ! *nudges* Good Luck! ^_^

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