Trunks brought the news of his plan to Pan bright and early the next morning. Thrilled she began
packing right away for her sudden surprise vacation trip that night. Satisfied and feeling good about
himself, Trunks made his way proudly to his house with head up and shoulders high. Once there, he
was surprised to see that his entire family was there under the relentless fan. Trunks frowned when he
looked at his dad and said"What's up? Am I missing the latest gossip anyone? Did the newspaper bring
in another juicy article for today's event?!" No one replied and suddenly Trunks asked "umm....d dad i
was wondering if I could go on a vacation to Caliente Island with Goten,Bra,and P-Pan"Vegeta
smirked."Fine go ahead."Vegeta replied.Trunks stood there and thought(wow either dad has got some trick
up his sleeve or he's off his rocker)Trunks than smiled.

 The next morning Trunks walked down stairs to make breakfast and leave for the vacation with Goten,Bra
and Pan.When he got down stairs he looked around and saw Vegeta,and Bulma packing and Goku with
Chichi and luggage."What, are we moving north?" he asked wanting some quick answers and it was
then Videl approached him from behind, dragging her own luggage full of belongings and replied with a giant
smile as she dropped her bag, "I wouldnt say north!" and Gohan added as he too placed his bag down with
a smile of his own and extended his arms, "We're going to Caliente Island!!" Trunks had his eyes and
mouth wide open.

Trunks frowned and nearly choked on his own gulp, "All of you?!" ChiChi closed her makeup compact and
tossed it in her bag as she answered, "Well yeah, how do you think we'd feel if we knew
you Goten,Bra,and Pan were soaken up the ocean air while we here fry like roadkill under the boiling
sun?!" Trunks stuttered as he was about to protest when suddenly Pan came up behind him, placing her
fragrant long elegant arms around his neck, kissing it tenderly and said, "My bags are all packed, so when
are we - " and her eyes fell on the people here and their bags. Pan's hands quickly fell away and went to
her waist. "What's going on?!" and just as Trunks opened his mouth in a sudden attempt to explain,Marron
leaped with joy and shrieked as she clapped her hands, "Where all going to Caliente Island!!"

Trunks rolled his eyes as Pan crossed her arms, her eyes still on Trunks as he felt them burning holes in
him, "Oh we are, are we? Who's idea was this anyway?!" Vegeta and Goku both chimed in together with
giant grins, "Ours!" and Pan slowly glanced at them as Trunks took the advantage in signaling them to shut
their trap by gesturing a cut it out swing rapidly and sharply with his hand infront of his neck. Then Videl
said, "Well...yeah, I mean, it's been quite hot this summer..." . "...and we thought that a trip to an island
would be a... great way of dealing with it."Gohan Finished her sentence. Trunks strangly not understanding
what the big deal was. Pan glanced back at Trunks who swiftly placed his hand down and acted like he
was doing nothing the whole time. Her look said everything to him and he shrugged as he struggled for an
explanation, "I only told my mom and dad that you Goten, Bra and I were goping i guess this is a
trick." Pan was silent and Trunks slowly inched up closer to her in a tender manner and mumbled in a
sweeter tone, "I promise we'll have our time alone., closed Marriot Suit silk shades and candle lit
rooms with bubbling champaign and warm bubble baths with the aroma of- ..." and Pan giggled at his
ticklish words in her ear and the very idea of it all. Pan took a deep breath in, stared at the gorgeous
adorable Trunks before her and shrugged with a giant smile, "Well why not?! What's the deal in the
company of some good old friends while I'm there!" and Trunks laughed as the two kissed fast. He then
peeled his lips away and grabbed her bags.Vegeta was about to scream at Trunks agian
but didn't.Then they left for the island.

"What do you mean you dont have any BEER?!" yelled Vegeta from his airline seat to the stewardess who
quickly in a hush toned manner tried to calm him down, "But we do have wine." Vegeta was appauled
and he threw his voice up front in hopes that the pilot could hear him, "What kind of air line service is this?!"
and not knowing what else to do, the stewardess walked away. Vegeta crashed back in his seat with a jerk
still heated and upset, "I mean we paid good money for this flight and they come to you with crackers and
peanuts! The nerve of this dam airplane!" and Marron who sat next to him in the window seat blew on her
wet polished nails and nodded as she answered in an uncareing tone, "I know Vegeta, it's no way for
a human to fly." and she continued blowing her nails carefully airing them out when suddenly a male
passenger who sat in front of her abruptly turned in his seat to address Marron, "Excuse me miss but that
nail polish you have there is giving me quite a headache, if you could just-" Marron gasped, "Oh I'm sorry!"
and she then smiled, "but I'm not the stewardess, just a moment..." and Marron waved her hand up high
and hollared, "Um excuse me stewardess, ma'am...?" and the stewardess came rushing over as  pointed to
the man in front of her, "This man here needs some tylenol." and the stewardness nodded and left to get
him some. The man shook his head as he stuttered, "No, that's not what I wanted, I -" Marron rolled her
eyes as she diverted her attention from her nails once again, "Look, these air lines hardly ever have any
other labled pain reliever but tylenol, so TAKE IT or LEAVE IT MISTER!!" she yelled and the man was
speechless as he slowly slinked back in his chair, facing foward leaving Marron to attend to her nails once

The night was long and uncomfortable in the upright seats that fell back only a few inches. The only people
getting any good sleep were Marron and Bulma. Unable to sleep Pan stared out the window next to her at
nothing but her own reflection due to the ink darkness outside. Trunks was fast asleep next to her and she
envied his ability to sleep through anything. A small terrbulance tremble jerked Trunks awake he rubbed his
face and looked around forgetting where he was. After regaining his memory, he glanced at Pan beside him
who continued to stare out the window, not knowing that he had awaken. He then leaned in and rested his
chin on her shoulder, placing a strong arm around her waist and began to slowly kiss her neck. Pan smiled
and flinched as she giggled and replied pushing him gently away, "Not here silly. People are trying to sleep
you big goofball." Trunks grinned as he thought of an idea, "You're right, we can't do this here." and he
quickly unbuckled his seat belt and unfastened hers as well. Pan looked at him strangly and asked, "What
are you doing?" but without a response, Trunks took her hand, pulled her out of the chair and began leading
her down the aisle towards the back. She quickly got the idea once her eyes fell on what Trunks was
dashing for - the bathrooms. She laughed and excitingly picked up the pace following him the entire way till
they paused as Trunks reached for the door handle. They immediatly began kissing each other frantically
as Trunks groaped for the handle and pulled down on it, swinging the door open. They both were about to
enter when they froze and gasped at the sight of how it was already occupied by Goten and Bra who also
gasped at the sudden interference. Their kissing stopped and Goten reached for the door as he leaned in
on Trunks and whispered with a chuckle, "Sorry pal, this one's occupied." and then Goten then slammed it
on them. Trunks turned to find that the rest were occupied also with the red lights on each closed door.
Knowing Trunks was upset, Pan tried keeping him cheerful by saying, "It's ok hun, we'll be at the hotel
rooms before we know it." and Trunks yelled as he banged on Goten and Bra's door, "But I wanted a

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