Chapter3: Twisted

         Should I tell him? Will he be mad? Bra thought as she gazed out of the window. I just don’t know what to do. Bra started to cry when the doorbell rang. “ Bra you have company” Bulma yelled. Bra wiped the tears from her eyes. When the door opened it was Pan & Marron. “Hey” Bra said kind of cheerfully. “ Where is Goten and Ubu?” Bra asked. “ They went to Trunks’s room to talk” Marron answered.
“ Are you ok, Bra?” Pan said worriedly.
“ Yeah, your eyes look puffy” Marron said.
“ Well, I guess I can tell you” Bra said about to cry. As she told Marron and Pan their eyes grew and there jaws dropped. “ No way” Pan yelled out.

  In Trunks’s room the boys were laughing. Ubu laughed so hard he fell on the floor. “ You’re not going to do it, no way,” Ubu said as he was rolling on his back. “ I-I can’t breath, I’m laughing to hard,” Goten laughed. “ Ok, we got to do this” Trunks laughed trying to get up off the floor.

  Back in Bra’s room Marron and Pan was in shock. “ I can’t believe this” Marron said in a real shock. “ Let’s try to get this off our mind and go some place, like dinner. Lets get the boys and let’s all go to a restaurant for dinner” Pan said. “ Yeah, let’s go” Marron agreed. “ Well, Let me put on some better clothes” Bra said trying to sound cheerful. “Come on Pan lets get the boys, while Bra puts on some clothes” Marron said cheerfully.

  In Trunks’s room Ubu, Trunks, Goten was on the floor still laughing when Marron and Pan knocked on the door. “ Hey, can we come in” Marron said. “For what” Ubu yelled out. “ We want you to see the brand new bra and thongs we brought yesterday,” Pan said in a sexy voice. Trunks and Ubu’s face turned 6 different colors in excitement. When they opened the door they found out that it was a joke. “ Hey, that’s not fair you lied” Ubu said disappointed. “ Like you don’t do it everyday,” Pan said sarcastically. “ How about we all go to a restaurant for dinner” Marron said. “ Hey that will be great” Trunks said in joy.

“ Excuse me but I ‘m going to see Bra” Goten said. At the sound of Bra’s name Marron and Pan’s smile disappeared  “ Um… Ubu come with me we need to talk” Pan said worried. Ubu followed Pan in the bathroom. Marron closed Trunks’s door and told him to sit down on the bed. “Marron what’s wrong” Trunks said sounding worried. “ How can I tell you this but um… it’s about Bra. She um… is”. When Marron told Trunks he freaked. “ No way, not possible. It can’t be. Does Goten know” Trunks scream. At that time Marron pined Trunks on the bed lying on top of him. “ Um… no” Marron said. “ What ever you do don’t say nothing to Goten” Marron said.
“Ok, I won't. But Um… can we um… you know.” Trunks smirked.
“ Sorry baby but you ain’t getting none tonight”.
“ Please” Trunks pleaded.
“ Maybe after dinner” Marron teased.

To be continued…

Next time: A silent dinner. Trunks vs. James. Bra’s secrete revealed to Goten. Find out in chapter 4 More to what you know.

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