Chapter 2:  What Ever It Takes

“ Hey, stop it. Leave her alone” Trunks yelled. James looked at him. That was a dorky thing to say Trunks thought. “ Hey, um…Trunks stop DAYDREAM” Marron called out waking up Trunks from his own little world. James let go of Marron’s arm and walked up to Trunks. “ Look you purple haired freak. You’re the reason me and Marron are breaking up.” James said. James took a swing at Trunks but he ducked. Trunks took a good swing at James stomach. James held his stomach and fell to the ground. Trunks went to go help Marron. “ Are you ok?” Trunks asked. “ Um…” Marron looked up at Trunks. “Fine” Marron said with a big smile on her face. “ Hey, Marron I got to tell you something”. Marron put her finger to his lips. “ Trunks I know” Marron said and walked off into the restaurant. “ Hum… that was easy” Trunks said and followed her. “ I-I-I hate you Ubu. You're dirt. How could I ever love you? You were cheating on me with this, this hussy.” Brittany said screaming. Ubu turned around in his seat. “ Pan is not a hussy”. Ubu turned back around and started to talk to Pan. “ So um… what were we talking about before we got rudely interrupted?” Ubu said talking to Pan. Brittany’s face got so red she threw the pepper holder at Ubu. “ You, Beep” Ubu screamed. Pan had to make the beep sound cause Ubu cursed. Brittany was so shocked she ran out of the car and drove off. “ So um… Pan will you… I mean … Do you…” Ubu tried to get out. “Yes I love you too” Pan said and gave him a passionate kiss. Marron came in the restaurant and saw how happy every one was. “ So what will we order?” Marron said cheerfully. Trunks put his arms around her waist. “ Yeah I’m hungry”. Everyone ordered and ate. To bad the restaurant was out of food but hey everyone was now happy. Everyone had decided to go to Marron’s apartment for hangout. Everyone was in the living room talking, laughing and just having fun. Goten started to get dizzy. “ Goten what’s wrong?” Bra asked. “ I fell dizzy. Like the whole room is going in circles” Goten than feel on the floor. When he woke up he was in a hospital bed. “ What happened?” Goten said looking around. Everyone was sleep. Trunks’s head was in Marron’s lap. Pan was in Ubu’s lap and Bra was sleep in the chair beside his bed. Marron soon woke up and saw Goten sitting up in his bed. “ Oh… Goten your woke. We were worried about you.” Marron said yawning. “ So what’s wrong with me?” Goten asked. “ You had a brain lap,” Marron answered. “ A what?” Goten said in surprise. “ Ok let me explain… see you ate way to fast and no blood was circulating to the brain that’s all” Marron said going back to sleep. “Oh…” Goten said and went back to sleep. He could sleep better now that he knew what happened.

To Be Continued…

Next Time: 2 years pass. Marrons work problem. Bra, Goten, and Trunks’s outing. Ubu gets blackmailed. Find out in Chapter3 2 years

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