Chapter3:  2 Years

2 years later.

Marron was reading over some papers when she came over a check. She looked at it and saw that there was no name written on it. She was surprise to see how much money it was. “ Wow, what did they buy for $200.00? Marron said to herself. She saw something on the back. It said, “ See I knew you were going to see who wrote this. You are so noise. Sing your co-worker Jinni. Marron looked and saw Jinni laughing her butt off. “ I got you again,” Jinni said laughing. “ I’m going to get you” Marron said chuckling. Marron was now working at Satan bank. She was looking over more papers when a dark shadow came over her. She thought it was Trunks but to her surprise it was James. “ Ah… James what do you want?” “ I came to get you back” James said in a very angry voice. “Look I don’t have interest in you any more” Marron said calmly. “ Look you. I will take you back no matter what” said looking right in her face. “ When was the last time you brushed your teeth. Gosh… your breath is funky” Marron said swinging her hand in front of her face and holding her nose. James kept bothering Marron till someone taped him on the shoulder. “ Hey excuse me but I need to get some money.” A voice said. “ Well I’m busy”. Bra got mad and pushed James out of the way. “ Hey girl how’s work?” Bra said cheerfully. “ Oh you know same old stuff. So what you come for?” Marron said very cheerfully. Marron than saw Trunks and Goten come in. “ Oh… I need some money we’re going out for a while” “ Oh… I wish I wasn’t at work so I could go.” Marron said none happy. “ Hey” Trunks said. “ So Bra tell you what we’re going to do today,” Goten said. “ Um… don’t remind me” Marron said very disconsolate. Marron gave them their money and they left. At the Son’s home Ubu and Pan was arguing. “ No, no way. You can’t make me,” Ubu said angrily. “ Yes I can and I will make you. If you don’t go I will tell everyone your secrete about” Pan said. “ Ok, I will go” Ubu gave up. “ Ok, let’s go to the Mall” Pan chanted and they flew off. “ I’m hungry” Goten said in the car. “ Can you stop we ate 5 minutes ago” Bra said angrily. “ Me too” Trunks said. “ Okay we will stop at McDonalds but you can’t eat till we get back to Marron’s house. “ Ok as long as I can smell that food” Goten said with a smile on his face. On their way to Marron’s apartment they herd an argument. When they turned the corner it was Marron & James. “ Does he ever give up?” Trunks said very angrily. James than fell on the floor. “ Wow, Trunks you got a mighty woman on your hands” Goten said laughing. “ Let’s go” Bra said walking to Marron’s apartment.

The End

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