CHAPTER 2:  After School

        Marron and Trunks came out of his room at about 3PM.  Trunks could hardly look at Goten and Bra but when she laughed he felt alright knowing she was happy.
"You two ready to go out?"
"Yeah we are," Bra said getting up.  Goten got up after her.  Marron and Bra walked out together, "We will wait outside for you."
Trunks and Goten watched the two girls as they walked outside.  When they were out Trunks turned to Goten.  "Goten?"  Goten jumped back.
"Listen, Goten, I'm sorry about yesterday.  You know how people are with their family, right?"
"Hey don't worry, I know you were just looking out for Bra, anyway my voice s ok today."
"Yeah sorry about that."
"I told you your forgiven, now lets go or the girls will get questionable."
The guys walked out and saw the girls on the porch.  Marron walked to Trunks, he nodded, and she smiled then kissed him on the cheek.  Bra walked to Goten and grabbed his arm at the elbow.  She looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back.
"Come on lets go," Trunks said.
"But where are we going?" Bra asked her brother.
"Well I thought we could have a dinner, then a movie, and something else."
"Thats a really good idea or good ideas." Bra said with a smile to her brother. The guys walked with them to Trunks' car.  Goten opened the back door for Bra, she got in and then he did.  While Trunks opened the door for Marron and when she got in he walked to the other side and got in.  Trunks looked at Marron who was looking at him with soft eyes and then started to
He looked in the mirror and saw Bra and Goten holding but not sitting very snuggled.  Trunks looked back at the road and continued to drive to a resturant.  Trunks parked.
"Here we are the 'Castle in the Sky' lets go in."
"This is one of the most expensive resturants in our town." Bra looked at Trunks.
"You two girls deserve the best plus they got a lot of food."
They all got out of the car and Trunks gave the keys to a young man.
"You brake it you bought it."
The young man nodded.  Marron took Trunks' hand.
"I'm not dressed for this, Trunks," Marron said.
"Thats why we are going shopping first."
Trunks pointed to a store next to the resturant.  Marron hugged Trunks and her and Bra ran into the store.  Trunks and Goten walked in.
"We have to wear a tux, ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine with that, Trunks."
Goten and Trunks walked in they were very quick about picking the suits. They bought them and kept them on.
"Why new clothes?" Goten asked.
"Well its a nice resturant and I wanted the girls to feel come comfortable."
They girls came out at about 4.  Marron was in a long silk pink dress which had lace stiching around the the bottom. She wore cute pink dress shoes and the dress was a round neck.  Bra was in a long sky blue silk dress without lacing and a 'V' neck.  Her shoes were strappy blue higher heels than Marrons'.  Her and Marron both had there hair down.  Goten and Trunks
looked at them with a 'WOW' face.
"You boys ready," Marron said.
"Ya,"  Trunks went to the checkout counter and paid for the dresses.
"How much were these?" Bra asked.
"It doesn't matter," Trunks told his sister and put his arm out for Marron.
Marron grabbed his arm and smiled.  Bra grabbed Goten's arm the same way and together they walked out of the store.  They stood infront of the resturant while Trunks went in.  He came out moments later.
"We have a half an hour," he said.  Marron grabbed Trunks and hugged him. Trunks eyes widened.  "Whaa?" Trunks said not understanding. Marron stood on her tip-toes so she was near his ear.
"I love you."
He smiled and looked at her, "I love you, too."
Bra looked at Goten and he nodded.  She knew andhe did too that they loved each other.  Even though they were only together for two days it seemed like they have been together from the moment they were born.  They stood in silence for the next 20 minutes.
"GTMB?" A man called.
"Thats us." Trunks said showing them in.  The waiter showed them their seats and left.  Goten and Bra sat on one side of the table and Marron and Trunks the other.  A different waitor came over and talked:
"Hi, my name is Tim, I'm your waiter, can I get you your refreshments?"
"Yeah," Trunks started and pointed for Marron to go.
"Just water." she said.  BRa was next, "Water also."  Then Goten, "Uhhh?  I guess, hmm, orange soda."  And finally Trunks, "Please get me, a coke, and a bottle of your best wine, with four glasses."
"Yes, sir!" The waitor left.
The three looked at Trunks like 'whoa.'
"What?" Trunks asked.
"Wine?" Goten asked.
"Its a special night."
"But bro, I'm only 16!"
"I know but Tousan and Okasan don't have to know.  Plus its a special night. Don't think that since you get wine you can go home with Goten and loose y ..."
He was interrupted by Bra kicking him.
He looked at Goten who was frozen in his seat, "Oops, sorry."
The waiter came back adn gave the drinks to everyone and set the wine in a bucket of ice on the end of the table.   "Can I take your order now?"
"Ya, go ahead Marron." Trunks said.
"I'll have the Chef Salad."
"Dressing?" the waiter asked.
"Do you have French."
"Yes, ma'am."
"Then that."
"Ok, the other lady?"
Bra began to order, "I want the Pasta with a little side salad with the
French dressing."
"Yes ma'am. And you sir." he asked Goten.
"Umm, the ... the .... no .... how about the .... no ..... give me the middle half of the menu."  The waitors mouth dropped, "Yes sir, and you."
"Same as him," Trunks said.
"It will take a while," the waitor left.
They all started talking and a few minutes .... I mean about an hour or 45 minutes the waitor came with a bunch of food.  He gave Marron and Bra theirs and Goten's and Trunks were set on tables near them.  They all started eating, Marron and Bra normal and Goten and Trunks super fast.  Marron and Bra finished before Goten and Trunks ... DAH! Marron was full and Bra was eyeing Goten's food.  She grabbed one of his plates, Goten looked at her and smiled then continued eating.  Bra ate that plate of food and then looked to see Goten and Trunks still eating.  When they finally finished Trunks opened the wine and poured a glass to all his friends/sister.
"A toast."
"To what?" Marron asked Trunks.
"To us, all of us, friends forever."
They all hit their glasses together and drank.
"Mmm, pretty good," Bra said as she finished.  They all drank the rest of the wine and sat and talked.  The waitor came shortly after with the check and set it in the middle and left.  Goten and Trunks grabbed it at the same time.
"Why don't you girls wait outside." Trunks said.
"Ok, but hurry its already 6:30."  Marron said as her and Bra walked outside.
"Okay here's the deal, Goten, I'll pay half and you half."
"Good thats fair."
They left the tip then walked to the counter, paid, and walked out to meet the girls. They walked to the car and Trunks drove to the movies. When they arrived they didn't care what they wanted to see.  They paid and went in and sat next to each other, Trunks and Marron, and , Goten and Bra.
Goten put his arm around Bra, "Just a warning, your brother and Marron are making-out already."  Bra smiled and put her head on Goten's shoulder.
She watched the screen and Goten did too.  She turned to Goten and he looked at her since he saw her looking over.  She slowly leaned towards him and kissed him.  It was a quick kiss and when they seperated they looked into each other's eyes.  Goten pulled her closer and leaned over and kissed her longer and more passionate.  Both coupled practically made-out for the entire movie.  When it was over they got up and went outside.
"That was a good movie," Trunks said.
"You didn't even see any of it." Goten told Trunks.
"Then what else could I have been looking at?"
"Your eyes were closed kissing Marron."
"Uhh, some of the time."
"Yeah I can tell you already have a hiccy."
Trunks covered his neck and a sweatdrop appeared on his head, with a smile on his lips.  Marron was blushing and said, "I saw you two making-out."
Goten looked at Trunks who didn't seem angry.
"Come on," Trunks said.
"Where we going?" Bra asked.
"Well if you must know my making-out sister, the carnival."
The girls eyes lit as he said that.
"Get in the car."
Everyone got in and Trunks drove to the carnival.  They got their and each couple went their seperate ways.  Goten and Bra went to the Ferris Wheel and got on.  Goten held an arm over Bra's shoulder, "Here we go."  The ride started.   "Goten-kun?"
"Ya, B-chan?"
"I ... just wanted to hear your voice." she put her head on his
He looked at her.
"Oh no.  Your father is gonna kill me."
"What, why?" Bra looked at him.
"I accidently gave you a little dark hiccy right there," he pointed to her neck.
"Its ok I have plenty of turtle necks."
They both smiled and enjoyed the ride.  They rest of the night they all went on different rides and about midnight, the closing time, they meet at Trunks' car. They got in as soon as Trunks unlocked the door.  Trunks started home. Marron was starring at Trunks and holding his hand as he drove.  In the back Bra had her head on Gotens shoulder and they were holding hands.  Goten had his other hand around her waste holding her close to him.  Trunks pulled up to his house, "Go ahead in Marron and Bra, I'll go drop off Goten."
"Can't he stay the night?" Bra asked.
"Go ask Okasan." Trunks said.
Bra ran in and came out fast and pulled on Goten, "She said she didn't care."
Bra and Goten walked in while Trunks turned off the car, Marron waited for him.

        Bra opened her door.

"I have some clothes in Trunks' room, let me get them."
"Ok," Bra went into her room.
Goten walked into Trunks' room before Trunks got up there, he saw a bunch of stuff all over the place yet it was still neat, no wonder Marron is his girlfriend.  He started looking around, he saw clothes, dirty clothes, marrons clothes, but not his.  Trunks and Marron walked in.
"GOTEN! What are you doing in my room?"
"Looking for some of my clothes."
"I put them in that box over there," Marron pointed over to a box near the closet.  Goten grabbed the box and took it out of the room, "See ya!" When he left the room he heard Trunks and Marron talk.  He went into Bra's room and set the box down, "Can I keep these here."
"It feels like I'm moving in...hey you changed."
Bra was in a pair of green shorts and a plain red tanktop.
"Ya, it is midnight."
"Well Merry Christmas."
"Very funny."
She grabbed Goten by the collar of his shirt and kissed him.  He kissed back and put his hand around her.  She walked over to the bed and layed down.
Goten got changed into blue shorts and a white tanktop.
"Do I sleep in the same bed as you?"
"Goten-kun! We slept in the same bed before!"
"Oh, yeah!"
Goten layed down in the bed.  Bra turned to him and put her head on his shoulder.  He put his arm around her pulling her closer.  She quickly fell asleep and he looked at her sleep before he fell asleep.


At 6 am Bra got up.  She looked at Goten sleeping.  She realized she had to go to school, she only had a few weeks left before summer.  She got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.  Goten soon woke up.  He looked around, Bra wasn't there, then he heard the water running and realized she must be in the shower.  He got up and walked around her room looking at stuff when he came to her vanity.  He looked at the pictures on the mirror.
One was of Trunks, another of her and Marron with a peace sign smiling. The other was a group picture of everyone(the Z-fighters, their wives and children).  He looked at it and found the four of them.  Trunks was 16, himself was 15, Marron was 10, and Bra was only 4.  He saw Trunks with a bunny-ears on Marron and his tongue out.  Goten saw him holding Bra and
her squeezing his nose.  He remembered that day.  Trunks handed Bra to him and Goten couldn't say 'no' so he just held her.  She was so happy that day. Bra opened the bathroom door and was in a towel.  Goten turned around and then looked back at the picture, also looking away cause she was only in a towel.
"This is a cute picture, I have the same one somewhere in my room," Goten said making conversation.
"I just thought is was nice and kept it," she got abunch of clothes and went into the bathroom again.  Goten looked at more pictures, some of Bra's father and mother, some of Goten's family, and then of Marron's and more.
"Where you going?" he asked her.
"Some stupid school , but not for long."  she talked loud through the door.
"Well should I just leave?"
Bra came out in a blue turtle neck with no sleeves and a dragon on the back.  She wore blue jeans and her hair was regular.
"I was sorta hoping you would drive me."
"Ya, I will, then I'll pick you up and we will spend the rest of the day together."
"Actually, I wanted you to spend it with your family."
"Oh, ya I should, they don't even know about us."
Bra continued to get ready out in her room when Goten took his shower. Soon it was 8:30am and Bra had to get going.  Goten went out to his car, which was just there and not used for a day.  He drove Bra to the school. When they got there they both got out.  There were a group of girls near them in the grass watching.  Goten and Bra kissed a quick kiss.
"I guess we can go out tomorrow."
"I guess so."
Goten got into his car and drove off.  Bra turned around and was half way surrounded by the girls who were watching, there was five.
"Hello, Shannon." Bra said to the blonde girl who was infront of her, the leader of the group and head cheerleader.
"Like who was that?"
"My boyfriend."
"He's cute, are you planning to be like dumped?"
"Well to bad he's like ugly anyway."
"Excuse me?"
"He's like an ugly jerk-face freak!"
"You don't even know him!"
"Like sooo...?"  Shannon walked off the girls laughed and Bra was angry. She walked into the school and had class until lunch.  Shannon and her group walked into the bathroom and started fixing there hair.  Bra walked past and listened when she heard Shannon talking.
"Did you see like Bra's boyfriend? I mean BRa is like an idiot!  A real slut." she put on red lipstick, "He's like ugly anyway!  I mean what a like pig he must be!  Such a . . ." she was interrupted when Bra came in and slammed her against the wall.
"Whats like your problem."
"YOU ARE MY PROBLEM, you 'like' wench!"
"How like dare you!"
"Next time I hear you say anything I swear your head will go through a wall!"
"Like whatever!"
Bra walked out.  Shannon started rubbing her shoulders, "Like that slut hurt me! I'll like get her back!"

The rest of the day was ok until the principal called her to the office at the end of the day.  She went up and he talked to her until the bell rang and alittle bit after.


Outside Goten was in his car ready to pick Bra up, he got done talking to his family and they seemed ok with Bra.
"Like, hello, Goten-kun!"
"Huh?"  Goten looked over out the passenger window.  He put the hood of the car down (its a convertible)
"I'm Bra's like friend Shannon."
"Oh, Bra's friend, well hi.  I guess you already know me."
"Yeah, can I like come in the car, Goten-kun?"
'Goten-kun?' Goten thought.  "Ya sure."
Shannon was in her cheerleading outfit and was majorly flirting.  She got in.
"You see I have like this . . .MATH problem, I like need help with."
"Oh, ok lets see it."
Shannon got out her books and got closer to Goten.  She showed him a problem and he started explaining it.  Shannon started playing with Goten's hair.
"Uh?  What are you doing?"
She leaned over to him touching his leg and going to kiss him. He jumped out of the car.
"Why did you like pull away before we could kiss."
"Like sooo...?"
"For one of her friends your ignorant."
"She's not my friend," Bra said walking out towards the car.
"B-chan!" Goten walked over to her and kissed her.
Shannon stepped out and walked over to them.
"He likes me, like, he does!"
She walked off and grabbed Goten's butt on the way.  Bra went lunging at her but Goten held her back.
"She's not worth it."
Bra looked angry.  Goten kissed her, Bra hesitated not knowing Goten was, because of wanting to kill Shannon but realized he was kissing her. She wrapped her arms around Goten's neck kissing him back.  He had his arms around her back.  They finally seperated when the remembered they were infront of a school.  Goten and Bra got int he car and drove off.  Bra looked at the clock, it was 4pm.  Goten stopped.  Bra just found out where they were.  She got out and Goten held her.  They walked over to the lake.
(Yeah, they are in the park where they were before in the beginning) Bra sat down close to the lake as Goten sat a bit closer to it.  He began skipping rocks.  Bra smiled at him.  He soon came over and sat by her. He was still skipping rocks.  She looked at him and interrupted him by turning his head and kissing him lightly, it was one of those quick 5 second kisses.
  He looked at her and kissed her longer, she kissed back.  She knew that day, that Goten really loved her too.

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