They sat by the lake and enjoyed just talking.  It was still day so they could not look at the stars.  They just talked, about anything.  Trunks and Marron came over to where they were and Goten adn Bra were surprised. It was only 5pm, the sun was still bright in the sun.  Trunks and Marron sat by Goten and Bra and they all started talking.


Suddenly out of no where a black cloud surrounds them adn a group of guys appear.  They all sorta looked the same like guys dressed in navy blue ninja suits,  you couldn't see any part of them besides there glowing blue eyes.

There was one guy you could see.  He was dressed in a red ninja suit without the headpiece on.  He had blue hair and blue eyes, though they weren't glowing.  He had evil eyes and a sense of sinful power.  The four of them stood up as the man gave a clever grin.

"Who are you?" Trunks asked putting Marron behind him.
"I am Cyio, the leader of the Plague Fellows.  I am the only one with a name." the man in the red said with a sense of over powering all four of them.

The four could sense a Vegeta, Pan, Gohan, and Ubuu coming but they were all far, except Vegeta. The man's eyes glowed red.  Bra disappeared, then reappeared in the guys arms with her back to him and one of his arms around her neck.
"LET HER GO!" Goten and Trunks screamed.
"A supreme prize." the man exclaimed.

Vegeta soon arrived seeing his daughter in the arms of a strange man. "Who is this?" Vegeta said in an angry tone.

Trunks filled him in on the little known information.  The man put his hand over Bra's mouth as if trying to shut her up.  It was unknown to the four on the ground her was putting some powder substance which would make her quit tired. Vegeta soon lunged at Cyio, but Cyio seemed alot faster and Vegeta missed. He and Vegeta began fighting and still Cyio held Bra.  Soon enough Vegeta had been swiftly fighting but it wasn't enough and he was quit tired. Trunks, Goten and Marron were worried.  If Vegeta couldn't defeat this man then none of them could.  Shortly Gohan, Pan, and Ubuu were there ready to fight.  Trunks told them about Vegeta's fight.  They seemed worried but Gohan still plunged into the fight.  He was soon out for the same reason as Vegeta. Trunks' anger (he gets from Vegeta) outraged him and he went to attack Cyio.  Trunks managed a few hits but Cyio allowed them and soon kicked him and went to the same 'quick' route and had Trunks out of the fight. Goten, Marron, Pan, and Ubuu knew they had no chance.  Marron was worried because she had no way to defend herself and had no way to help Bra. Pan went to go after Cyio when Goten's hand was stopping her.

"You'll be defeated as well," he said.
"I HAVE TO TRY!" Pan screamed.
The other worriors got up and Cyio sent the ninjas after all of them, including Marron.  Trunks did his best defending himself and Marron. Marron could still fight and luckily she got a weaker one and was able to try. Yet they were all getting beaten pretty bad.  Goten looked at Bra and screamed to Cyio.
"If you promise to set her free, you can take me!"
The warriors looked at him.
"As you wish."  Cyio said.  He dropped Bra and she slowly started to fall. Goten flew up to Cyio and stayed a few feet in front of him.  Bra soon got alittle strength back and screamed.
Goten smiled looking down at Bra.  'Don't worry, B-chan . . . I'll be fine as long as you are safe.' Goten thought.  Cyio formed a black ki wave in his hand.  Bra flew up with the strength she had left, but then it was too late, Cyio blasted Goten and he fell to the ground.  Bra went right to Cyio and before Cyio could think he blasted her the same way.  She fell to the ground a few feet away from Goten.  The ninjas flew up.
"YOU KILLED THEM," Pan screamed getting up.
"Oh, no I did not, they just turned faces."  Cyio laughed before disappearing.
"Turned faces?"  Ubuu asked.
"What does that mean?"  Pan looked to Gohan.  Suddenly they all looked over at Goten and Bra who were getting up.  They got up and looked horrifying.
"BRA!"  Trunks said running to her.
Bra blasted a ki blast at him sending him flying back to where he was. Bra crossed her arms and smiled.  Goten walked to her and stood ready to fight behind her. (Like in the picture, if you can see it on the first chapter or main screen.)  Their eyes glew red then plain.
"Hi," she said evil yet calm and sweet to Goten.
"Can we fight yet?"  he asked in a impatient voice.
"Not yet." Bra said.
They all looked at the two.
"Whats going on?" Gohan asked.
"We've decided to be the real us." Bra said and Goten kissed her on the cheek.
"The 'bad' us!"  Goten said and Bra smirked.
"THIS IS ALL GOTEN's FAULT!"  Vegeta yelled.
"No Tousan it was Cyio." Trunks said behind him, "They were turned evil."
"But what if Cyio just brought out there true attitudes?" Gohan asked.
"Go ahead now fight them," Bra said.  Goten smiled and flew towards all of them.  Quickly he had knocked out Marron, Pan, and Ubuu.  He stopped. He was infront of Gohan.  Gohan couldn't hit him, he was his brother. Vegeta went to fly over to Goten when Bra teleported infront of him.
"Hi, Daddy!" she said punching him.  Vegeta got up from the punch but couldn't pull himself to hit her.  Trunks couldn't hit either, he felt helpless. Goten started hitting Gohan and all Gohan was doing was blocking.
"Thats enough, Goten." Bra said.
Goten stopped.  Trunks had to think on his feet, he teleported behind Bra quickly taking some blood, before Goten was at him.  He punched him and Trunks was thrown out of the way.
"Bye!" Bra said wrapping her arms around Goten and putting one leg up and they disappeared and where gone. The warriors had to settle to their feet befor ethey could finally face reality.  Soon enought they all left.  Trunks flew with Marron to his house.
  He put Marron on the couch and walked to Bulma.  He told her the story and gave her the blood he collected.  He told her to study it and see if the 'evil curse' was put in from the blood and to make an antidote.  She nodded and went to work.


Goten and Bra were soon teleported to a mall.

"Oh! A mall!  You know my weakness."  Bra said to Goten who was smiling. She kissed him and they went in.  Bra and Goten went into a clothes store. Goten was seeing some clothes Bra was modeling in front of him.  After and hour Goten was getting bored.
"Is that all?" he asked as she put a dress into a pile of clothes.
"Yeah onto the next store."
They walked out with out paying and a bunch of security guards came at them.

  Bra took the clothes from Goten.

"Handle them," Bra looked around and saw a 'new' car for sale inside the mall, "while I put these in the car."  Goten nodded as Bra walked off. He began fighting the guards and blasting them.  They were soon all lying on the ground.  Goten walked to Bra, who was sitting in the car.
"That was quick."
"And fun!"
Goten got in the car and they started driving through the mall in a car! (Yes, I know its CRAZY!)  Goten stopped and Bra hopped out.  She walked into a store while Goten began driving around blasting those 'boring' stores. (Aren't they like 17 & 18 alittle) Goten went back to the store and Bra flew out and got in the car putting the clothes in the back.
"Now?" Goten asked.
"Good," Goten said and blasted the store Bra was just in.  Goten then drove the car right through the wall of the mall and took off.  They soon arrived at a Motel and went in.  They got a room and went into it.  Bra turned on the TV.  She flipped through the channels when she saw a picture of Goten, she stopped.
"Yo, Goten, you butt, get in here."
Goten walked in and sat next to Bra watching the TV.
<"And today two mysterious people destroyed the 'Rosh Mall' after robbing it.  There pictures are here."  Pictures of Goten and BRa attacking the mall went on the screen.  Bra laughed and shut off the TV.  Goten threw her lightly farther on the bed and stood on his knees at the other end.
"OH my, we must be famous."
Bra laughed, "Ya, The destructive duo!"
Goten kissed Bra on the forehead.
Bra got under the covers and layed down.  Goten walked outside to a vending machine.  He put in a dollar and pressed for a chocolate bar.  The candy wouldn't come out.  "NOW! COME ON!"  he screamed as he kicked and punched the machine.  "FINE BE THAT WAY!  YOU ASKED FOR IT!"  He stood back and blasted the machine.  Money and candy fell out, he grabbed both and went in.
"What happened?" Bra asked laying in the bed facing him as he came in.
"Stupid machine . . . Goten went PANG to get all the stuff!" he said in a little kid tone.
"Well good, I thought you were about to pay for candy.  Come over here!"
Goten put the candy and money in a bag and layed in bed with Bra.  Bra layed close to Goten and hit him.
"You jerk, give me a kiss!"
"I was going to IDIOT!" He said.  They both smiled (they liked talking to each other like that) and Goten kissed her on the lips and she kissed back.
Soon they had fallen asleep.


Trunks had layed Marron in his bed and was down in the livingroom.  He sat on the couch adn was so confused. 'How could this happen to Bra and Goten.  They just found each other and gone evil.  I don't get it.' Bulma came down the steps and walked to Trunks.  She held him like a mother does with her crying son.
"We'll get them back, Trunks.  Don't worry."
"I just don't get it."
"No one ever does."
Bulma looked at her son and smiled.  She got up.
"I will go work on that antidote.  Wonna help?"
"Yes, that way it gets done twice as fast."
Bulma and Trunks walked out of the room and into the lab.  They turned on the computers and got started.


Vegeta was out in the gravity room.  He was training blowing off his anger. He didn't understand what happened.  He continued to train the entire night.


Over at the Son's House, Gohan was in the kitchen confused as well. Pan was up in her room asleep. "He was fighting me, not joking this time."  Gohan said. Gohan didn't know the full meaning of what had happened.

It was morning, Marron woke up and found herself in Trunks' bed without him for once.   He was no where in his room, or the bathroom.  She got up out of the bed and got into a robe.  She walked downstairs.  The livingroom was empty, as so with the kitchen.  There was no sign breakfast was made. It was so silent inside the house.  She walked to the lab and found Trunks and
Bulma on the computers.
"Hello, Marron,"  Bulma said when she came in.
Trunks looked up at Marron and Marron looked at him.
"Hi, Bulma."  she said.
Trunks got up and walked to Marron, he kissed her on the cheek and told her he had to do research for Bra and Goten.  Marron smiled.  She left the room and Trunks went back to work.  She walked up to the bathroom and got ready for that day.  She knew that day was gonna be a long day.

Pan was off to school.
"TOUSAN!" she screamed when Gohan swirved the car.  He quickly got it back on the road.
"Gomen, Pan, I am out of it today."
"Yeah, I can tell.  Is Uncle Goten gonna be alright."
"I don't know."  Gohan replied silently.
He soon arrived at the school and Pan got out and went into school.


"BRA!  You stupid child, you don't have to go to school."  Goten yelled at Bra who was pushing him out the door.
"I JUST want to give my last day a special effect,  make sure you pick me up and you can blow up buildings while I am at school, ok PIG!"
"FINE! Get in the car you RAT!"

They got in the car and Goten dropped off Bra.  The school didn't see any news that they had been robbing and destroying places, not paying for motel room, etc. Bra went into school and went to all her classes acting up and doing bad stuff.  On the last class Shannon came up to her,

"You and your boyfriend are like MORRONS! Plus, you two make like a stupid slutty couple."
The girls with her laughed and they walked off.  Bra's eyes flashed red and she made a fist. 'Laugh while you can!' Goten was in the car reading the newspaper, on the front cover were a picture of Goten and Bra, "The Destructive Duo."  Shannon came out of the school and leaned on Goten's car.

"Like hi, Goten-kun."
"Don't call me that!"
"Like what did you say?"

She reached over to touch his leg when he slapped her hand away, not even taking his eyes off the paper in front of him.
"Whats like wrong with you today, don't you like, like me?"
"I already told you I love Bra," he still looked at the paper when he said,
"Look behind you."

She looked behind her and Bra was there.  Bra punched her and she went flying past the windshield.  Bra flew over to her.  She started beating her up.  Goten then flew over.

Bra grabbed the paper and ripped off the headline, which was the DD (Destructive Duo) with the picture, and threw it on Shannon.  Shannon screamed and Bra used a ki blast on her.  Goten turned to the school. Bra walked to the car and jumped in.  A blast hit the school and it blew up.
Goten got in the car.
"Like, nice aim Goten-kun," Bra mimiced Shannon.

They drove off.

They drove to the edge of a sea and got out and started to fly over to chain of islands.  They both began blasting them, laughing as they watched the lands sink into the water.  They bumped into one another and stood back to back.  There was a larger island.  They turned and put there hands together blasting at the same time.  The island lit and exploded. Goten screamed with joy.  Bra smirked and laughed. They flew off.  They landed in an alley way.  Suddenly they were surrounded by those Plague Fellows.  Cyio stood there as well.
"WE ARE SICK OF YOU STEALING OUR GLORY!"  he screamed, "ATTACK THEM!" Goten and Bra began fighting the ninjas 5 on each of them.  Goten flew to Cyio and began fighting him.
"NOW!" Cyio yelled. Bra was flying up to help with killing Cyio when a thick thorny vine wrapped around her leg, she gasped in pain when it wrapped around her and took her down to the ground against a wall, "GOTEN, HELP ME!"  Goten looked at her as the vine covered her mouth putting in the sleeping powder.  He flew down to her as fast as he could but missed her when the wall turned.  He pounded on the wall, "BRA! BRA!" He turned quickly facing Cyio who was laughing. He flew up to Cyio and began fighting him.  Soon, he had Cyio tired and worn out.  "LET HER GO, OR I'LL KILL YOU, I have the strength thanks to you, now LET HER GO!"  he said to Cyio.

Cyio nodded to the ninjas in a control room.  The wall started turning, Goten dropped Cyio and blasted him.  Cyio screamed then was gone.  The ninjas came out at Goten and he finished them quickly with enough time to go and catch Bra.
"Bra, Are you alright?" he asked.
Bra wrapped her arms around Goten.  He flew off with her in his arms. He landed at a different motel and everyone went running (he already blew up the other one and word was traveling fast.)  He went into a room and layed Bra on the bed.  She looked hazy.  He went into the bathroom and soaked a washcloth with warm water.  He came out and put it on her head.  He went back in and filled a bowl with warm water and came out, set it on a little table.  He took another washcloth and soaked it.  He began tapping it on her head, lightly, and on her cheeks and chin.  He put her under the covers and stayed near changing the washcloth every few minutes.  She finally got up, he went to her and held her.  She was still dizzy.
"What happened," she asked Goten.
Goten told her everything.


Vegeta finally came out of the gravity room.  He went up into the shower and then got dressed.  He went downstairs and Marron was in the kitchen sitting at a small table with a plate of food infront of her.  Vegeta walked in and grabbed food from the fridge and began eating.  Marron didn't know if she should talk to him, she was lonely and had no one to talk to but Vegeta probably wouldn't listen. She sat in silence.  Vegeta and Marron heard a crash, and Marron stood up.  Vegeta almost choked on the water he was drinking.  They both looked quit shocked and nervous because both had some one (or for Vegeta some two) they loved in the room they heard the noise  from.  It came from the lab, it sounded like something blew up.

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